What is Stalk Commodities?

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Farming has needed automation for decades. United States farmers have been producing crops the same way that some third-world countries have. Stalk Commodities was founded to implement automation in the most difficult farm production processes, and offer logistics services to make adoption of these technologies seamless.

Outlook on Agricultural Products

Over the last three decades the terms organic, natural, green, and environmentally friendly have taken over the marketing sector in business. Use of these words hits close to home with consumers, and people seem willing to pay extra for products qualified to feature these terms. Stalk Commodities believes this trend will continue and even increase as “plant-based” products continue to sweep the nation.

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The "Jack of All Trades" Plant

Hemp has proven useful in a variety of different industries. From fiber, to grain, to possible medical applications, the sky is the limit on how far this industry could reach into our daily lives. Because of its great variety of uses, there will be multiple paths to market for multiple varieties of the plant suited for these different applications. Stalk Commodities plans to expand our reach into this industry as much as possible to continue to provide farmers with economical solutions to labor issues, as well as a services for getting their crop purchased by downstream companies.

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Future of the Hemp Industry

Following the Farm Bill in 2014, a hemp pilot program was started to reintroduce the crop back into production in the U.S. Kentucky was formerly the foremost state in hemp production and is seeking to reclaim that status, “albeit for a different use.” Thanks to the state’s fertile farmland and suitable climate, the plant grows well in the region.

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Future of the Tobacco Industry

Burley Tobacco has long been a cornerstone of Kentucky’s agriculture production and has supported many families in the state for generations. While the industry has taken a large hit in America due to health concerns and increased foreign production, the state still maintains a large place in the global tobacco market. With the excitement brought on by the legalization of industrial hemp, it is our belief that tobacco and hemp should co-exist in Kentucky, and for the first time in many years, farmers have an option for what they grow and now have the ability to hedge their crops by growing both.

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Research and Development

The CP3S has the potential to be used across several different crops. Plants that require curing and separating during the market preparation process are good candidates to be tested through the CP3S. Stalk Commodities is working with companies in the plant-based food and medical industries to test our equipment in their commercial production processes.

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Our Equipment

Initially nicknamed the “Big Red Harvester,” the system was commercialized as “The Gold Standard Harvesting System.” The original system proved very successful, although it wasn’t widely adopted. The initial cost of the harvester and the racks were too expensive for the volatile tobacco market.

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How It All Started

Stalk Commodities traces its roots to a group of engineers at the University of Kentucky who commercialized the world’s first and only automated burley tobacco harvesting system in 2006. Dubbed the Tobacco Mechanization Group, the engineers formed a private company in order to handle all intellectual property. Since then, DRSW, LLC has developed harvesting and market preparation technology for burley tobacco.

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